Yellowtail kingfish

Looks a streamline fish torpedo in shape fish. When it’s alive it has deep blue along its back with a bit of green close to the gold band that separates the blu back from the silvery belly . the pelvic and the anal fin are yellow and the tail is bright yellow.its a powerful and fast looking fish with a mouthful of small teeth


The king fish on the Gold Coast grow to about 2 metres and can way up to 50kg


they are pelagic fish but larger fish become permanent resident where ever there is a constant supply of smaller bait fish and crabs octopus and squid.On the Gold Coast any where from 20m of water to 120m of water there are kingfish. Out in the deep water we get some really large schools with some very large and powerful fish amongst them


Live yakka and slimy mackeral.
Softplastics 5 and 7 inch 3/8 to 1 1/2 jigheads
Jigs 8g to 300g
Bait squid pilchard and fresh strip baits