Gold Coast


What: Black Marlin, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin

Where: Gold Coast

When: December to August

BLUE MARLIN Gold Coast is Australia’s most consistent blue fishery Australia has to offer with quality fish ranging from 150 pound through to the dream 1000 pound fish. We use a range of different techniques from switch baiting to trolling lures. The same waters also produce yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dolphin fish just to name a few. Our experienced crew and the magnificent Mauna Kea will take you to the best places in comfort to catch your dream fish.

BLACK MARLIN / SAILFISH  Gold Coast’s warm waters from December through to April and abundance of bait schools in 20 to  50 fathoms attract predators like marlin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin-fish and cobia of all sizes makes a great day light tackle fishing on the back deck of the Mauna Kea from family or friends. We have caught many first timers there first marlin or  multiple marlin in same day and also clients of all ages, so get on board the Mauna Kea for a great day sport fishing


Gold Coast Reef Fishing

image2Jigging and soft plastics – using state of the art tackle and the ability to get out to the deep water quickly and comfortably where we chase fish such as amberjack, kingfish, snapper, pearl perch, cobia and bonito just to name a few on various size and design jigs and plastics depending on conditions and the style you desire to use. It’s a great way to catch powerful fish for the non experienced right though to the professionals anglers.

Gold Coast Light Tackle Sportfishing

Large bait schools in 30m to 80m attract larger predators like Spanish mackerel, spotty mackerel, cobia,tuna, wahoo and dolphin fish where we use lures, live bait and dead bait to catch them on light to ultra light gear it’s great fun for all ages.