Great Barrier Reef Cairns Fishing

What: Giant Black Marlin

Where: Cairns – Cooktown – Lizard island

When: September, October and November

The Mauna Kea is set up for accommodating in comfort maximum 4 anglers and crew on an extended live aboard. With exceptional fresh food and beverages you won’t leave us hungry. We recommend a minimum of 4 day live aboard charter to enjoy the whole experience and catch the fish of a lifetime. We also do day trips out of cairns or lizard island.

All meals, beverages, and linens are provided on a live aboard charter. Anglers need only to bring personal belongings. Just sit back relax and enjoy you experience aboard Mauna Kea at the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.  Between the months of September and mid-December anglers arrive to target the species that consent rate in and around the Great Barrier Reef including 1000lbs giant black marlin. Marlin fishing and living on the Mauna Kea on  the Great Barrier Reef will no doubt open your eyes to a whole new world of heavy tackle sport fishing.

The reefs stretch over 150 miles from Cairns to Lizard Island and is home  to the giant black marlin from September through to December. The waters surrounding Lizard Island boast some of the most exciting fishing in the world., particularly during the popular Marlin fishing season.

imageLight tackle sport fishing in this region is also world class, offering anglers the opportunity to catch Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Mahi Mahi and various tuna species.

The world renowned Great Barrier Reef, the only living mass that can be seen from outer space, has more than 2900 individual reefs and around 940 islands and cays and it is a site of remarkable variety and beauty on the north-east coast of Australia. It contains the world’s largest collection of coral reefs, with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusc. It is really something you must see to believe. We fish out from and around these massive reef structures then at night anchor in behind protected from the oceans conditions.

This is nature at is best and provides an abundance of opportunities to snorkel or simply sit back with a quiet ale on the deck reflecting the days catch and observing one of natures most glorious playgrounds. A normal day on the Mauna Kea at the Great Barrier Reef  consists of — bait fishing, popper fishing, jigging for GT’s, mahi mahi, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, coral trout and swimming and snorkeling on the reef.  All this and much more before heading outside the reef to do battle with a giant black marlin.